FREE Online Event for Jewish + Jew-ish Brides-to-be

Karen Cinnamon, Founder of 'Smashing The Glass', requests the pleasure of your company at her must-attend:

Jewish Wedding Planning Party!

on Wednesday February 12, 2020

There'll be presents, and partying, music and (virtual!) drinks, but most importantly I'll be teaching you exactly how to:

Maximize your wedding budget (whether it's $ or $$$$$) 💰

Nail your guest list 👯

♥ Solve your seating plan 🎉

♥ Handle family conflicts (to get the result you want without hurting anyone's feelings) 😬

♥ Let go of #JewishGuilt so you can have the wedding YOU really want (whilst keeping everyone around you happy) 🙂

♥ Come up with creative wedding ideas for an unforgettable, one-of-a-kind wedding 💡

♥ Craft your perfect Jewish or Jew-ish wedding ceremony + how to make all your guests feel included ✡️

And I'll be answering every single one of your questions (however big or small!) 🙋

Join me on Wednesday February 12 for the virtual Jewish Wedding Planning Party.. and let's plan your perfect Jewish (or Jew-ish) wedding together!


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